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what you’ve all been waiting for: the televised adaptation of homestuck by everyone’s favorite childhood tv company!!!

this is physically painful

Im twitching


 The quadrants are changed! Redrom is for boys <3 girl relationships only, and blackrom just means you had an argument and don’t understand the true power of friendship but it’s okay your ashen friend WILL HELP YOU REMEMBER.

All blood is fruit juice. They don’t die, they just spill juice on themselves.

Katherine wants to be best biffles with Vicki!

Theresa isn’t REALLY blind, and she doesn’t taste colors cause that’s Satanist. Vicki had a change of heart and let Theresa live happily!

Ed and Amy are getting married cause they kissed.

Eric got mad that Felicity wasn’t his super best friend anymore, so they were almost blackrom oh no! :C He knocked over her juice box.

Greg is a meanie. He’s knocked over a lot of juice boxes.

Karl is the happy-go lucky leader who shows them all the power of FRIENDSHIP.

he knocked over her juice box


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